Gig: 15th September

Drop me a message if you’re planning to come along so we can keep an eye on numbers. We’re pretty confident all who want to will fit in though!

Typewronger Sessions

Back in lockdown when open mic’s were zoom affairs, Typewronger Books organised a on-line / off-line video open mic. I made a few videos for these sessions and you can find them all on youtube.

Thanks to Fiona McAndrew for animation in the Lioness of Leith.

“Rain” – single available 11/11/2022

The new single, Rain, is available from all the usual places right now.



and even YouTube:

The song was written some time around 2005. At the time I was writing a lot of lyrics and sending them down to my pal Phil in Brighton. He was sending back completed songs. In the case of Rain, one of the first versions was a super-mellow JJ Cale style groove. We recorded various demos, but nothing that quite felt right or finished.

I’ve been playing an acoustic version of the song in the pub since about 2015. This recording is based on that version, with some extra piano, bass, and backing vox. Big thanks to Haquin ( for piano and production work.

Also want to shout out thanks to Mike Wheeler who encouraged me to record and put this single out ahead of a gig we’re doing. He gave valuable support and encouragement during the recording process. Check out his new release too.

Don’t hunch your shoulders when it rains…